Film by Ivan Jovic

lazarus path



In the film that will gaze into your very soul, street artist Lazar confronts life choices, overcoming obstacles of peculiar bureaucracy on a small island far from home.

Genre: art house, mystery
Duration: 90 min
Countries of production: Serbia and Greece

After spending years as a traveling street artist, performing as living statue, Lazar finds himself on a small Mediterranean island. He wants to return home, but his departure from the island becomes complicated by the impossibility of communicating with the island's bureaucracy. We follow the tiresome process of collecting documentation required for his departure. Encounters with officials become increasingly strange and incomprehensible. Their questions transcend administrative boundaries and delve into the intimate aspects of Lazar's life. The tedious process of collecting documentation turns into a re-examination life’s meaning and deep secrets hidden from oneself. This thematically displaced narrative serves as a reminder that responsibility stems from the existential fact that life is a chain of questions one must answer by being responsible for oneself and others. It involves deciding which response to give to each individual question, understanding that for every question, there is only one answer - the truthful one.

Ivan Jovic

Director & producer

After a career in a completely different field, which involved working with marginalized groups of children and youth, Ivan Jović, in addition to his writing, returned to his first love – film. Following several short fiction films, he produced and directed “Isceljenje” (Healing) in 2014, a film that gained significant international acclaim, winning multiple awards at foreign festivals. He then dedicated himself to an extensive archival-documentary project about the suffering of civilians during the Holocaust and World War II genocide. The documentary film “Zaveštanje” (Legacy), edited from over 450 hours of recorded testimonies, had its world premiere in 2017. Following that, under the specific conditions of the global COVID pandemic, he produced and directed the film “Lazarev put” (Lazarus Path) in 2024.

creative team

Director: Ivan Jović

Screenplay: Monja Jović

Director of Photography: Simon Tanšek

Editing (Picture and Sound): Aleksandar Jaćić

Composer: Vassilis Tsabropulos

Vocal Soloist: Nektaria Karanzi

Production Design: Željko Piškorić and Mladen Stojanović

Costume Design: Marina Sremac and Senka Ranosavljević

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